Sunday, November 12, 2006

This is all I have

I remain committed to posting every day this month. Having spent the day with a better but still sick little boy I don't have too much to write about, so this is what you are gonna get, a post about Harry's wool soaker.

When I learned about the whole concept of using wool as a cover for cloth diapers I was skeptical. It just seemed strange that something as non watertight as a knit garment would work to keep the baby's clothing dry. I am now a believer after having seen a wool soaker in action for myself.

I bought an ultra cute soaker off of eBay for a nice price. It was so cute that I could not resist. It had to be lanolized to make it work. Lanolin is naturally in wool it is sheep sweat. When wool is processed it is removed and saved for skin creams and things like that. After reading a bunch of different websites I gather that the lanolin chemically reacts with the urine and forms a soap like product which cleans the soaker continually. You only need to wash a soaker when you get it dirty or it starts to smell. The smell is a signal that the lanolin has been used up and generally only happens about every two to three months.

All I really know is that it works and works quite well. Harry took some really long naps today. I did not want to change his diapers and disturb him, so I just let him sleep. He never had a leak when he woke up but he did have some really wet diapers for me to change. Right now some very simple things are what thrill me.


Anonymous said...

That is so so cool! (And no, I'm not being sarcastic!)

I've been toying with the idea of switching to cloth for my two little ones, but have a hard time doing the full switch-over. I heard about wool soakers and, like you, questioned the worth of something knit for blocking liquids. Guess your testimonial is a big push!

So, are you thinking of making your own? Having them made for you? How much does something like that run you??

OK... back to writing... (but easily impressed by little things, as well!)


Gina said...

Cute! I never knew that about wool.

chelle said...

OH MY That is soooooo cute!!! I am glad it is working for you and that it is not leaking!!

Too Cute! I can hardly wait to try to knit one now!

Damselfly said...

Cute buns!

Tracy said...

Cute! I have never used cloth diapers ... too lazy, I guess ... but then again if I had 2 little ones in diapers like you do, I would certainly think about it!

Glad the wool covers worked out well for you. Sweet little prints on them, too!

The Laundress said...

Gorgeous woolie soaker, you are a smart eBayer!

We had diaper service, which also provided "rental" diaper covers (velcro and snap types) -- if you have a diaper service in your area, you might want to check on rentals too. You didn't have to subscribe to the service to rent the covers, with ours.

Oh, I miss having baby people, everything, even their underwear and socks, are so cute!

Glad you are holding up, even with a sick kiddo. Nothing weird about getting happy about good diaper experiences, lord knows you spend enough time dealing with them when raising little ones.

Hope Harry is better really soon!

Awesome Mom said...

Laundress, I would love it if we had a diaper service in our area. Sadly the rural nature of where we lives means that I have to do my own diapers. I think I would rather have my own stuff any way since the plan is to have more kiddos.

Amber said...

It's simple little things like that that really make me appreciate every day life. And it's sooo cute!