Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My life: potty training and knitting

If it seems like all I have been blogging about is potty training and knitting, well that is pretty much the two most exciting things in my life right now.

On the potty training front we had a banner day. Evan did not have any accidents and we actually went somewhere. We ventured out to a church play date at a park. I am not sure if I had the right park (there are two with similar names) since no one showed up besides us.

(begin tangent) I am getting fed up with the crappy parks here. I know more people have big yards and stuff than in California, but that is no excuse. The majority of them have super ancient equipment that none of my kids can really play on and often have a high potential for danger. The standard equipment is an super high and steep metal slide, a merry go round and teeter totters. I really miss the updated and clean parks that we had in California. When we went today there was a guy peeing in the brush near the kid's play ground. At the park closest to my house we discovered lots of broken glass bottles. If the city would bother to put better equipment in the parks and clean them now and then I bet more people would use them. (end tangent)

They quickly grew tired of the three lame pieces of equipment and I decided to make an impromptu zoo visit. We have fun and Evan was even persuaded to use the public restrooms. We did not stay too long since it is super hot here and they were getting very red in the faces.

Now for knitting content.

Tama's Etsy store is one of my favorite places to get yarn. I like her a lot and she has great stuff there, she really know her fiber.

Here is a picture of the completed scarf that I made from some of her hand spun yarn. It has such amazing texture. I think that I made the scarf a tad bit wide so it ended up on the short side, but it is long enough to wear. It kind of reminds me of a waterfall.

Here is some awesome yarn that I got in the mail. She dyed it up just for me! The colors remind me of pink flamingos. I am going to make some awesome socks out of it.

I have not forgotten about house pictures. I plan on taking some more in the next few days as I clean and tidy up various parts of the house.


My Full Hands said...

That pink yarn is gorgeous!

chelle said...

Ooo I love the pink yarn!!

I do not know about there, but here the city parks are eh ... however the school playgrounds are amazing, maybe try that? I know in CA you were not allowed on school grounds but here we are. Worth a look!

w00t on potty train!

Tama said...

Thank you for the wonderful complements! I loved making that pink yarn for you. Dying yarn, fiber, etc. is so much fun!!! And that scarf turned out beautiful. I am so glad that you like the yarn you have purchased from me!!

Guinevere Meadow said...

We've also gotten spoiled with great parks! Our city has a park in practically every neighborhood, and even the "crap" parks are still pretty decent. Then we went to spend a week with my parents, and in the whole city there are only like 2 parks that have a playground. Crazy!

Trish (wheresthebox) said...

I'm sorry to hear about the park situation where you are. We are pretty fortunate with some good places to play, although our little park down the street is kind of a teenage hangout and sometimes has graffiti on the equipment.

The zoo sounds fun except for the heat. It was in the 90s here today too.

Heather said...

I love the secret identity warning. I need to put that on my blog!

Glad for the banner potty day!