Monday, May 12, 2008

Random thoughts

I hope that everyone had a joyful day yesterday. I know that for some Mother's Day is not anticipated with joy for one reason or another. My day was pretty good considering all the stressful events that are swirling around me. The best part of the day was when both boys took unexpected naps after church. I was holding a clingy Harry while doing something on the computer when he conked out. A little while later I noticed that Evan was being awfully quiet and this is what I saw:

The poor kid was so tired that he just fell asleep right there on the floor.

A little update on our weight limit issue. Somehow we have magically been able to loose several thousand pounds of household goods. The new moving company did a walk through on Saturday and had an estimate of 10,000 pounds, but when we were further talking to the guy he slipped down to 9,000 which coincidentally is our maximum weight limit. We are keeping this company because at the very least they don't seem to be as greedy about cheating us. Just to be safe are planning on getting rid of our couches (something that we had been thinking about doing any way) and some rickety book cases that we already have replacements for in the form of a not put together yet book case that my husband and his father cut out last time we visited. We are also trashing a really old and horrible dresser that was pretty much only good as a fish tank stand.

The previous moving company was not very happy at loosing our business. They called my husband at home (something I am not sure they should have done since we had officially been moved to another company) to try and talk it over. When my husband tried to quiz them about their estimates he found out that they had some pretty crazy ideas about how much things weigh. One of the most outrageous was for our fish tanks. They are basic glass tanks, nothing fancy really except that the moving company things that they are lined with lead or something. The estimate for the weight of the tank upstairs was 100 lbs empty, which is crazy considering that I carried it upstairs all by my lonesome. I am not a weight lifter and if that tank had really been 100 lbs I would have never been able to lift it all alone. I am so not sad that we axed this company.


chelle said...

I am not sure how it works with the military, but make sure you get it all in writing. We did. Then when our weight was SIGNIFICANTLY lower than what we were quoted, the company tried to charge us for the estimate rather than actual weight. Then we showed them the email & contract and they backed up. Their hope was we would not fight it since the move was paid for by the university. But my thoughts were they should not be ripping ANYONE off, personal or business!

Diana said...

Wonder if some moving companies quote higher bids just to encourage people to get rid of more things---thus less work for them.
Glad it's working out with the new company.
Cute photo. Little boys are so angelic when asleep.

Damselfly said...

A nap is definitely reason to celebrate, all in itself!

Glad you found a better company.

Elizabeth-W said...

Life is good! 2 naps and better movers! Yea!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Coinciding naps? Those are the best. Well, at least you are motivated to get rid of a few things. I love that kind of motivation. But I'm glad you found a nicer company to move you.

Audrey said...

I so loved the photo. I remember the days when my kids too would fall asleep on the floor completely exhausted. I found your blog through Melanies blog. We have moved so many times. Get it all in writing!!!

Tama said...

Your picture of Evan reminds me of my son. I have several pictures of him "crashed" in mid activity. So cute!