Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Da kidz

The trip was the first time that we had both left the kids for longer than overnight. I was nervous about how they would handle it, but the kids did just fine with out me. My sister was a champ and managed to keep them alive for the entire time and she did not looser much of her sanity in the process. I tried to keep my instruction minimal so that she could find her own style and it was rather funny to see that she coped in a lot of the same ways as I did and a lot of the same things drove us batty.

We had to leave in the wee hours of the morning so the boys did not see us leave. My sister told me that they assumed that Daddy was at work the whole time. It was different for me of course since I am generally there all the time. At first they assumed that I was sleeping upstairs. They kept bugging my sister to let them go upstairs and wake me up. Harry even started peering under every item of clothing on the floor, making sure that I was not hiding or anything. My sister kept telling the boys that we were on a trip. Evan decided that I had taken a trip to grandma's house, which in his experience is the only place that people take trips to.

I called home every night before bed time. It was funny talking to them on the phone. Evan is becoming a pretty good conversationalist and would tell me some things about what he had done that day (with a tiny bit of prompting from me). Harry is still in the phase where he will sit there and smile at the phone. I am sure that he did not really understand that there was a real person talking to him on the other end of the phone. Some times he would not even let my sister hold the phone up to his ear.

When we came home the boys were pretty excited. Evan did not really need much of a transition, but Harry became very clingy. He is still in that clingy phase that I mentioned earlier, so this was not a big surprise to me at all. My husband has had the last few days off and today is my first full day back in the saddle.

Today Evan has his final visit with the amazing cardiology team that has cared for him since his birth. I will update you on how things go with that. It is going to be hard to say good bye to these amazing people.


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I have only been able to do an overnight escape with my husband 2-3 times (so hard to find someone willing and that I trust) and each time it was wonderful.

And I am always having to tell my little kids that the people on the phone can't see you nod or shake your head, you have to say it. =)

Tama said...

I can relate to leaving behind a doctor and cardiologist that is familiar with your child and his condition because they have been there for them since birth. That was really scarey for me. I was worried that I would never find anyone that was as good as they were again. Where we moved to there wasn't a cardiologist within five hours. That really scared me! But we finally got a pediatric cardiologist to move into the area and everything has worked out--it has just taken almost ten years. Hopefully it doesn't take that long for you!

Cindy said...

Thanks for posting on my blog and for giving the website as a place to look for a better car seat...although since this is (likely) our last child, I'm not inclined to purchase another car seat. That's so cool that your kids did well while you were gone for so long!

Diana said...

So cute the way Harry was looking for you under the clothes!
Having watched him before, know how he can cling. Actually, it's good that you leave the boys occasionally with a sitter because that helps Harry learn that sometimes you leave but always come back.