Thursday, May 08, 2008

The appointment

Evan yet again amazed me with his maturity. These kinds of appointments used to be stressful and frustrating when he was little. Heaven help you if you had to wait any length of time, because by the time the doctor came he would be fried.

This time the cardiologist was running a bit behind (which was very unusual, normally we are seen right away). We ended up waiting in the exam room for about a half of an hour before the technician came in to interrogate Evan's pacemaker. Then it was another 10 minutes of waiting before the cardiologist was able to come in and see us. The entire time Evan entertained himself with the three cars that I had packed to bring with us. He had a blast with them and got very creative with places to drive them.

Later on when he was having his echocardiogram done he was so amazingly still that they were able to get shots that had been very hard to get previously. I was also able to stand next to the bed instead of having to lie down with him to help hold him still. All he needed was some dried blueberries and a cartoon on the tv. His cars and a flashlight also helped some.

Everything in his heart is looking good. There was the hint of possible collateral arteries forming, but until they cause a drop in his oxygen saturation levels nothing needs to be done and even then it is a cath procedure and not a surgery.

The cars going "down the hill."

The cars being driven on the counter top. I had to remind Evan several times that we did not drive cars in the sink or the garbage cans.

This was the funnest driving place of them all. He thought it was hilarious to put all the cars on the chair, twirl the chair and laugh as the cars all fell off the chair.

Evan getting his echocardiogram and being an angel in the process.

Evan and the grateful recipient of the lace scarf that I recently finished. Evan kept mugging when I was trying to get this picture and this was the best face I could get out of him. *sigh* Kids!


The Laundress said...

He LOOKS fantastic, nevermind the mugging for the camera!

Glad to hear it went smoothly!


Posh Totty said...

He looks really well the pics are fab and its great news that everything is looking good with his heart.

Diana said...

Glad that the appt. went well and for the good results.
Evan looks so grown up!

Tama said...

Good job Evan! Those appointments can be so L-O-N-G and B-O-R-I-N-G! It's all downhill from here on out--keep your fingers crossed Mom.

Don Mills Diva said...

What a brave big boy!

chelle said...

YAY for a healthy heart!!!! Bonus that he deals with the appointments so much better!

Anonymous said...

What a trooper! I can't believe he is so kids would have been hanging from the ceiling. Happy to hear he is doing great!