Saturday, May 10, 2008

A little better

It is amazing how much holding a newly born inant can improve your mood. My friend had her baby three weeks earlier than expected, so I took the opportunity to visit her yesterday and meet her new little boy. None of her babies has broken the 7lb barrier and this little guy was no exception, although he did come pretty darn close. It was so strange holding such a slight little thing when I am used to holding my 10 lb plus monster newborns.

A number of you wondered if we could get another weight estimate. We did better than that and changed moving companies entirely. The lady in charge of coordinating the moves is a stellar worker and managed to get everything all taken care of super fast. My husband talked to her yesterday morning and by that afternoon we had the new company, the same moving dates (which was a great relief to us) and a walk through scheduled for later today.

If this company still has us at the ultra high estimate we will have to jettison some of our furniture. This is unlikely since a guy at my husband's shop moved his goods from a bigger house than we are occupying and was well under the weight limit. We shall see what happens.

I must say that the staff at this base has been quite stellar. We also converse a lot with the gal in charge of advising us about Tricare and she has been ultra helpful too. I am really going to miss the great service since we are moving to a very bare bones station that will not have the level of support staff that we currently enjoy.


chelle said...

Yay that the moving company woes may behind you!

Awww little babies are so sweet!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

new borns always take you back. Even though ours is still so young... when I see a new born NEW BORN... they are just so small and tiny... oh and that cute little whimpper of a cry.... darling :)

Diana said...

That is efficent----getting another company lined up and a walk through scheduled for the next day!
Good luck with it.
There is nothing like holding a newborn. They bring a bit of heaven with them.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are getting help trying to keep moving companies from gypping you. Siter-in-law moved recently and complained that they all seemed basically like bandits (as far as their guarantees and etc.).

Though, keep in mind that different families pack their homes to different densities. I've heard stories out here of LDS families coming in consistently about a 1000 lbs over estimate because food storage was missed. But you're eating yours down I think you said.

Hope the move goes smoothly!
Hannah (of Missouri)

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I had one small baby and he was so much fun to snuggle with. But he quickly chunked out.