Monday, May 05, 2008


We had a nasty run in with Murphy and his law yesterday. I was transferring the car seats from my sister's car to our minivan when I discovered that the minivan was dead. The battery was drained dry. I was not happy.

We had a run in with the battery a few weeks ago. It ended up being replaced but the entire draining event was started because Harry loves to play with the overhead light over his seat. I had tried to be more aware of making sure that things were turned off but apparently I had missed the light being on yet again.

The fun really started when we went to jump the battery. Brand New Car (the new official name of our van thanks to Evan) freaked out and started honking wildly every time we hooked the batteries up. Needless to say we were not popular neighbors since it was still fairly early in the morning. After a bit of internet searching we discovered that all we had to do was to lock the doors with the key fob so that BNC did not think we were trying to steal her.

This whole event added to an already stressful Sunday. My husband and I were still operating on a different time zone so we were awake at the crack of dawn. Both of us were exhausted and very cranky. Evan and Harry were also out of sorts.

Added to that was my push to get Evan to sit through Primary better. His teacher had been allowing him to hop on and off her lap and wander around the room, so he thought that he did not have to sit still. I was trying to back off and let his teacher handle the discipline but now that we are almost half way through the year I decided to do what the teacher was unwilling to do. I had him sit next to me during opening exercises instead of with his class. I picked him up and put him back in his chair every time he tried to make a break for it. At one point I had to hold him in his chair. By the time the Jr. Primary left for their classes I was dead tired and drained. Luckily my class was good and I did not have to deal with disciplining them too. I heard back from Evan's teacher that he was amazing for class. He sat in his chair like he was supposed to and was participating better for class. It made me feel good to hear that my efforts had paid off so quickly. I am hoping that next week will be better and that Evan will learn to sit still when it is appropriate.

That said, I have decided to hold off on discussing the house aspect of our trip. I am wary of tempting Murphy by announcing something when things are not firmly in place just quite yet.

PS We turned the lights off in the back using a button in the front that prevents little children from turning on and off the lights and then leaving them on for days on end which then drains the battery. Harry is lucky he is so darn cute.


Zephra said...

Thank goodness we have nosy neighbors that will inform me when the lights in the car are on. That has happened more than once.

Anonymous said...

What a pain - but that is great about Evan and primary.

Gina said...

Harry is indeed lucky that he is so cute!

Learning to sit still when needed is such an important skill, I'm glad Evan is on the way to mastering it!

Damselfly said...

Gosh, I hope things will be going your way soon!

chelle said...

bummer about the dead battery! I so know that feeling!

Tama said...

Wow! That sounds like a whole lot of fun!

Jr. primary always wears me completely out whether I am conducting, doing sharing time, or helping with damage control. By the time I get done at church I am frazzeled! and that's without any jet lag or vehicle issues.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

There are four women in our primary (including me) who also have kids in the primary and it makes it more difficult. I have had to tell all my childrens' teachers that I need them to act as if I'm not there. Too often they are scared to disciple because I am there.