Friday, May 02, 2008

Questions #3

I am in Kansas right now having a blast house hunting and missing my kids. This post has been auto posted.

My awesome mother-in-law Diana (who has just recently started visiting here after a lot of badgering from me) asks: "What is the weirdest meal or incident that happened at a restaurant?"

We don't eat out a whole lot, so nothing too strange has happened while we were eating out. We did have a nice lady come by our table and compliment us on how well the boys were behaving while eating out. That was pretty unexpected. And of course the boys had to act up the next time we went out. I guess they had to show the Children's Guild that they were not being too soft on the parents.


Diana said...

Ate dinner with Evan at Olive Gardens awhile back, and he had charming manners.
A strange thing happened when his Dad was 9 months old. We were at McDonald's in Montana. Luke sitting in his high chair---playing with French fries and smiling at people.
His older brother (2 years old) stayed under our booth and howled the whole time. Just couldn't calm him.
So embarrassing! As we'll leaving, an older man-- big, rugged looking cowboy (looked like right off the range) strolled by and dropped a dollar bill on Luke's tray. Said it was for the little guy, then took off. Either Luke had charmed him, or we looked like a refugee family!

Vicky said...

I think you just have naturally lovely boys! Also because you go to church every week, where certain standards of dress and behaviour are expected of them, they are getting plenty of practice for the more formal aspects of social life. You are raising two young gentlemen!

I do hope the househunting is going well and that you find the exact house to suit your needs and pocket!