Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Questions #6

We are in the process of moving. Enjoy these pre written posts while I change my geographical location.

An anonymous reader asks "What is the weirdest thing you caught your kids eating?"

This one is tough because it is so hard to choose. Evan has had a longstanding affection for the fuzz that is generated by our carpets. When we moved into the townhouse that we are currently in the process of vacating it had brand new carpets in it. To make those carpets look fuller all manner of loose fibers are packed into the pile of the carpet. Of course with use it all comes out leaving you with a giant mess to vacuum up. At that stage in Evan's development every dang thing was going into his mouth and he decided that the carpet fuzz was a really tasty treat. Still to this day he can be seen to rip some up out of the carpet and shove it into his mouth. The biggest difference is that now he knows better and likes to laugh at me when I tell him not to eat the fuzz.

Harry is also enjoying a resurgence of the incredibly irritating Put Everything In Your Mouth stage. He is also such a food lover that he will go back and fish dried food out from underneath his booster seat and eat it before I can even react. I have also caught him trash picking which is a favorite past time of his. He loves to throw things into the trash and then later dig them back out or even find new things that fascinate him. He has also eaten beach sand.

Harry's first time feeling sand and the second that he got a handful of it he shoved it into his mouth. I imagine it was quite salty and crunchy.

After a full day at the beach Harry ended up with a very messy and sandy face.


GoofyJ said...

I hope the move is going well!!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Moving is NO FUN. We just did it a month ago.

Lance has also began trash-digging. Time to find a childproof mechanism for a garbage can lid. (Will I EVER be able to open cabinets, drawers, etc normally again?????)

Gina said...

I am so sorry for not coming around sooner! I hope your move is going as smoothly as possible!

I can't wait to hear about the start of your new life!