Friday, May 23, 2008

Questions #8

We are in the process of moving. Enjoy these pre written posts while I change my geographical location.

My mother-in-law Diana asks "What was the worst or strangest meal you ever cooked?---be honest!"

This is one that probably should be answered by my husband. There have been a lot of cooking mishaps in my life, especially in the last year or so since I discovered Recipezzar. I love trying new things and sometimes even the highly rated recipes turn out funny. A recent one was when I tried out a new recipe for calzones. The recipe had a crust that was more like biscuit dough than the more traditional yeasty pizza crust base.

When I do a new recipe I try and follow it exactly so that I can get a feel for how it is supposed to taste. If it turns out tolerably I will adjust the recipe to suite our taste. When making this new recipe I ended up quelling the little voice in my head that told me that the amount of baking soda called for seemed absurdly high. The calzones turned out awful! All I could taste was baking soda! The kids ate them with no problem and even my husband managed to eat some, but I could not take more than a few bites and even then my mouth ended up tasting like baking soda for the rest of the night.

My husband later looked back at the recipe and confirmed that I had read the amount of baking soda called for correctly. Now we stick with the yeasty pizza dough based calzones whenever we get a hankering for them. They may take longer to make, but they leave a better taste in our mouths.


Tama said...

Euwwww! I have heard that baking soda is good to brush you teeth with and that it makes a good anti-acid. However, after trying to brush my teeth with it ONCE I don't see how anyone could use it on a regular basis. I can just imagine how your calzones tasted. I'll bet you didn't have any acid indigestion :)

Anonymous said...

I am hurt that you forgot about the meatless spaghetti sauce

Anonymous said...

Once we bought a baking soda flavored toothpaste---so terrible we throw it away immediately!
But thanks for that big bag of baking soda for laundry. It really does get the clothes cleaner. Was finally able to get a spaghetti sauce stain off a favorite shirt.

Damselfly said...

Ew! I know what that taste is like because I once tried that baking-soda-in-soaking-beans trick to get them de-gassed. I used way too much soda and the beans were ruined.