Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hell week

If you combine illness, moving and children you get one very stressful week.

Sunday I got knocked flat on my bum with a cold and a fever. Monday was just as bad but I had to pull myself together to finish all the moving related things that had to be finished before the packers came on Tuesday to start the process of getting all of our stuff ready for Kansas.

Despite our misgivings surrounding our new moving company things urned out pretty good. The packers did a pretty good job and were good about asking my husband before they packed up any trash. I did forget to pull out shoes for the boys and my husband only managed to grab some of them. There were also a few other sundry items that got packed up before we realized that they would be handy to have out. The movers that put all our stuff in the van were great. The driver of the truck was highly motivated and he moved up our pack out date when he saw how little stuff we had. He was aghast at the 10,000 pound estimate that he had been given. It ended up taking only one and a half days to get everything done even though the guy that had estimated our weight had thought it would take three days for everything.

The boys did pretty good through out the whole process. My inlaws came to help out on Tuesday and Wednesday (Thanks Diana!) which made things go so much smoother. The wimin' folk kept the boys out of the house while the men watched the packers to make sure there was no funny business going on. I was so exhausted by the end! It is a hard thing to have to entertain two little boys who are used to a certain schedule that involves afternoon naps at home. Things got better once all the people tromping through our house left.

Harry was especially affected by the removal of all our stuff. He thought it was funny that all our stuff was "hiding" in boxes. Once the removal of those boxes happened he got very upset. For awhile he would not even go downstairs to the empty living room. He just clung to me and would cry if I suggested that he even think about going downstairs. Now that we are at my parent's house he has something really fun to take his mind off the missing toys. They both loved that they got to watch movies the whole way to grandma's house.

I had a hard time of it too. I am missing my friends. It did not help that I was sleeping horribly thanks to my cough and our awful air mattresses. Now that I have had a good sleep I am ready to have fun in Utah and am thinking ahead to what is waiting for us in Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you made the long drive ok and now getting some much needed rest. Evan and Harry were troopers.
Will never forget how fast both fell asleep for a nap once the air mattress was up! Complete exhaustion.

chelle said...

Missing my friends was the hardest part of moving from California. The adventure is so exciting but there was a piece missing.

Hang in there and I hope you feel better the rest of the trip!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

A good night's sleep can fix so many things in life.

I hope the rest of the move goes well.

Damselfly said...

That sounds like really a lot to go through. No wonder you're sick! What I mean is, stress really taxes your body and immune system. Listen to Dr. Damselfly and try to squeeze in some rest. Hope you feel better soon!