Saturday, May 03, 2008

Questions #4

I am in Kansas right now having a blast house hunting and missing my kids. This post has been auto posted.

Gina from Just Another Day asks a tough question: "If Clinton and Stacy from "What not to wear" came to your house, would you take the five grand for clothes and a makeover? And would you wind up crying, just like all the other people on the show?"

I can tell that the seduction of satellite TV is getting to Gina. Luckily I have actually seen a few episodes of this show while Evan was in the hospital, otherwise I might not have been able to answer. I preferred Clean Sweep and Animal Planet, but when you are bored you will watch anything.

I would go for the makeover in a heart beat. I am sure that if they saw my closet they would come very close to keeling over dead from the shock. I have a few nice items, but I know that they are not anything like what they like to steer people towards wearing. I am just not really trained in how to pick out fashionable yet classic items. I go for comfort and cheap prices.

I know that I would have the hardest time spending $5,000 on just clothing. That would be the hardest part of the show due to my thrifty nature. My entire wardrobe only costs a few hundred dollars at most (and I am sure that I am way over estimating). If I were to win a billion dollars I think I would still shop at Target, that is just how I am. Now if I got $5,000 to spend at a yarn store I think that things would be a bit different.

As far as the crying goes I am not sure that I would. I am not a crier unless I am pregnant and then I tear up at the drop of a hat. If it is a scene in a movie where an animal dies I will be sobbing uncontrollably.


Diana said...

Have seen that show twice. They are so rude! One of my biggest fashion faults is always seeking comfortable clothes. As a teenager, my oldest daughter threw out some of my clothes---including my favorite bell bottom pants.

chelle said...

I am so a rather be comfortable than styling kind of girl. I love that show though!