Monday, October 09, 2006


At long last we are finally home!! Surprisingly we were able to leave the hospital shortly before nine in the morning which is a record. Generally we have to wait until late afternoon to see the doctor and get the final send off.

This is a very good thing because I was becoming increasingly hostile. The night nurse Evan had last night got on my last nerve. She woke him up while taking vitals which is number one no no. Then she wondered is Evan normally had his temperature taken orally (umm no!!!! he is a toddler and would only chew on it at best. At worse he would end up with is jammed down his throat because he was squirming so much). Then it turned out that she had not brought all the equipment in with her that she needed so I was left to comfort a distraught and annoyed toddler. The final straw came when she wanted to change his diaper an hour before Evan normally woke up, just so she could chart his urine output (her words) before she left. There was no way in hell I was going to let her touch him that soon before he woke up. I knew that he would not go back to sleep and I would be the one that had to endure a cranky toddler. I was polite about it, but I was ready to tell her that if she touched him one more time she would die.

The pacemaker interrogation showed that nothing really had changed. That means Evan's pacemaker only has 3-8 months of battery life left. He is going to have to be closely watched to make sure it does not go out too soon. Evan's cardiologist is arranging for us to meet with a pacemaker specialist (who of course is not exactly near us) to discuss the possibility of a special kind of pacemaker that is supposed to be superior to what he has currently. I am still a tad fuzzy on the details but apparently this kind of pacemaker had been studied in kids that have single ventricles and transposed arteries like Evan.

It is good to be home but my homecoming certainly different than when my mother-in-law was over to help watch Harry. I know that my husband and sister did exactly one load of laundry because it was still sitting on the floor when I got home. There was no gleaming kitchen or picked up living room to greet me. At least now my husband can't claim that he keeps the house spotless all the time, I have proof that he is a worse housekeeper than me.


chichimama said...

Welcome home!!! So glad to hear. And so sorry about the laundry...

chelle said...


I am so glad you are home safe and sound!!!!!!

Have a long hot bath and enjoy!

The Laundress said...

I am so glad you guys are home and back to the family stuff.

If I knew where you were, I would come and do your laundry. I am REALLY good at laundry. Mail yours to me? It would come back precision folded.

You rock, AM! So does Evan. So does Harry and papa even if they SUCK at laundry. We can not all be domestic goddesses.

Glad you are out of the hospital!!!!

Ashlee - Xav's Mama said...

Welcome home!

Mel said...

Welcome home! You must be exhausted. Hopefully, you and Evan will be able to get some rest. God bless!

adwina - said...

So glad to hear you're home!

I like the photo where Evan bites his toe :)