Saturday, October 28, 2006


I am feeling so frustrated with my sister L right now. In June I bought a bunch of fabric and notions so that she could sew me a really neat Scottish dress for Halloween. It was supposed to be a late birthday present for me. She managed to fritter all that time away and send the dress at the very last moment. If we were going out on Halloween then it may have arrived here in time but instead I threw her slacker plan for a loop by wanting to dress up for the Ward party that is tonight. Imagine that dressing up BEFORE Halloween.

Everybody dresses up for this and everyone takes pains to be creative. I was going to wow everyone with my really neat costume. Now I am stuck here at the last second trying to decide if I want to be the same thing I was last year (a pregnant witch, only this year I am not pregnant so I guess technically I will be something different) or dig out my trusty lab coat that my mom stole from work for me one year when I was in college and be some sort of medical personage. My husband is already going to be wearing his scrubs and all that but I am just not sure if I can do it.

Gah!!! I should have listened to my sister E's warnings about L's inability to finish projects until the last second. Next time I get her to make something for me I guess I will have to lie about when I need it so that I will be able to have it on time.
I was going to be the one on the left, sigh.


chelle said...

aww I so thought of you when I walked to get the mail today! So sorry it did not make on time. You could stuff yourself with a pillow and be a "pretend" pregnant witch and freak everyone out!

Tracy said...

Wow - what a beautiful costume! Sorry it didn't work out for you to be able to wear it to the party. Hopefully you'll get it for Halloween, though! If you do go with wearing the lab coat, what about also wearing some crazy hair and being a mad scientist?

The Laundress said...

Well, it is a beautiful outfit.

Heck, wear it for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Very pretty. If your sister can sew all of that (even if she sucks at deadlines), she is one talent sibling!

I live in a college town that hosts an infamous and huge Halloween party. Ended up driving across town this evening to pick up my daughter from a friend's house.

Outside one of the dorms, I saw somebody dressed as an eight-foot pink penis with giant swinging testicles. It was funny but I am glad I saw it BEFORE I got my daughter!

It was a guy, wearing the costume. Hard to imagine a woman conceiving of that kind of outfit, isn't it?

We had fun costume-spotting while stuck in traffic on the way home though.

Happy Halloween, hope you have fun at the party anyhow!


Gina said...

I'm sorry that she wasn't able to finish.

Awesome Mom said...

She finished several weeks ago, she just did not bother to send it to me in a timely manner.

bella said...

Oh, that's no fun! (Says she who has a quilt half done for her sister-in-laws baby -- that was born in September! OOps!)

I agree, though: wear it for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Heck, wear it to church!