Thursday, October 12, 2006


I am so very not pregnant but I am having an odd craving for fried eggs right now. While I am on the topic of food I think I will discuss Evan's new eating habits.

Since Evan's surgery his taste in food seems to have changed pretty dramatically. Things that he adored before are now out. Things that he would not have touched before he gobbles up. He is also able to eat more in one go than he did before. Snacks are out now because when I try and give him one it will ruin his appetite for an actual meal a few hours later. Breakfast one of his favorite meals is now picked at. I am going nuts trying to figure out new breakfast ideas for him since usually at that time my brain is not quite awake any way.

Protein is a top food for him. I guess that makes sense since he is recovering from a surgery and the body needs them as building blocks to help in that healing. Today at dinner he ate 3/4 of a rather large chicken breast. Normally we only make two for dinner, one for my husband and then most of one for me leaving the remainder for Evan. I guess now we will have to start making three.

Strong flavors seem to be preferred as well. When we were at Trader Joe's the other day I let him pick out some dried fruit. He pulled candied ginger off the shelf. He actually ate it when we got home much to my surprise. To me candied ginger tastes like burning and it is not a very pleasant taste. Evan gobbled it down. He also is enamored of salsa, just like his father.

I think I am going to head to bed now before I suddenly decide to fry me an egg.


adwina - said...

Wow... it's great to know about Evan's new eating habit. It's good for him, right?

Hope he recovers soon, dear.

Fried eggs? uhh.. you make me droll over here.... ;)

chelle said...

hehe I like how you clarify that you are not pregnant! hehe!

It is neat how Evan is eating what his body needs. Kids are so cool that way!

Hope you enjoyed the Lost episode! :D

ChiefMommy Owl said...

Kids eating habits can be so frustrating. Tonight at the dinner table, I actually said to my son, "You need to put food in your body to live."

He had a dinner of orange soda and ice. A good night for him.

Good luck!

Her Bad Mother said...

I used to get insane cravings for fried eggs - for fried egg sandwiches, specifically, with mayonaisse and tomato. Doesn't happen anymore. Now I just crave butter.


Jaelithe said...

I lurve ginger. Good choice, Evan. Now keep eating that protein, too!

The Laundress said...

Oh kids and their eating habits can drive parents nutty!

Most of them do grow out of it. But I have heard some really weird stories from friends.

My son is amazingly picky and fickle too. He does not eat "the color green". Just when we stock up on his "favorite" foods, he suddenly won't touch them.

Very fun, our formerly somewhat picky-eater daughter has decided, as a tweeny, that adventurous eating is a sign of maturity. And she is, of course, very mature. This is FUN!

Good luck with the food.

Hey, a fried egg is NOT a bad midnight snack!


you da mom! said...

sounds like you and your son are in sync - both craving protein - eggs,'s all good stuff. speaking of foods, did you ever feed your kids pears? mine (6 months old) had some yesterday and GOD, i regret it now. not pretty.