Friday, October 27, 2006


My kids get to sleep in as late as they want. Very rarely am I forced to wake them up early. They have a great thing going. So why is it that they are the crankiest and most whiny in the morning? Harry has been an absolute pill and as a result is back up in the room napping now. He was barely up an hour before he was ready for a nap. What gives? I wish I was a baby sometimes. Evan is only happy right now because I have a video on for him and I have not yet attempted to dress him. I am building up my fortitude for that task. Wish me luck.

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chelle said...

hmm usually Becca is that cranky when I wake her or rush her!

Maybe a scheduled morning routine is the key?!?!?!

Some people make those picture charts, brush hair, teeth, breakfast ..... Then the boys would know what to expect!