Friday, October 06, 2006


Well all my hopes for us getting out of here today were dashed when the Cardiologist finally made it in to see Evan. She wants to keep him in the hospital because of his high INR. She also wanted to have Evan's pacemaker interrogated one more time before he left but can have the people come in during the weekend unless it is an emergency. Apparently me not wanting to still be in the hospital is not considered an emergency.

I am not horribly thrilled at this turn of events. I am really tired of being in here with a crazy bored toddler. I just want be at home where I can have my own space and not be at the mercy of other people's schedules. I am missing the Super Saturday that my ward is putting on. I really need a day of crafting and relaxation. I wanted the chance to get a bit of a jump start on my Christmas gift list. I also need a decent night of sleep. *sigh* Maybe I will not feel so grumpy and resentful tomorrow.


Gina said...

Being at a hospital sucks for everyone involved. I hope you both get out of there soon!

chelle said...

arg! Was so rooting for you and we are still sending you positive vibes!!!

bella said...

Oh, I'm so sorry this isn't turning out to be the quick in and out thing you were hoping for! I hope things get better soon... maybe the pacemaker checker guys will surprise you and stop by over the weekend!? (Happened to us with the echocardiogram people when EK was in the hospital; they were around on a sunday with nothing on the schedule for a couple hours, so they fit us it!)

Good luck, and hope you get home soon!

(And sorry about the super saturday... I'll trade you: I'll come sit with Evan, you teach my classes tomorrow morning!? LOL)


The Laundress said...

Aw man.

Lady, I have been a way for awhile and I am so sorry you guys are back at the hospital. That stinks. Hope you are out of there soon! Really soon!

I have a very fun friend who recently got a pacemaker. She thought she was overly-tired but it turned out her heart was barely beating. This is a pal who is over age 70 and has been living with a tricky heart all of her life. The past ten years have been her fittest and healthiest, we have been friends since early 1980s

Uh, point being, your little dude is the cutest guy on the planet and I hope he is home (you too) really soon.

Love, TL

chichimama said...

Hang in there. Hopefully the weekend will fly by and You will be sprung on Monday.

Anonymous said...

u and ur family r on my churchs prayer list (somerset, england - evan is now world renowned!)i hope thats ok. i hope the wkend goes ok and u manage to escape on mon.