Thursday, October 05, 2006


We are still in limbo right now. I have no firm answers about what the final plans for things will be but it is looking like maybe they will not be replacing Evan's pacemaker just yet. All of the tests they did this morning turned out fine except for Evan's INR which was quite high. Apparently the steroid that they gave him interacted with it driving the number up way high (he is a 6 when he sohould be 2-3). The Holter monitor results were very late in coming in because the machine that they used to run the test was brand new so there were issues with getting the information downloaded off of it.

Evan's cardiologist has been super busy all day so we have not seen her yet and will not see her until tomorrow. We were assured that we would hear the final plan from her then. I can't help but be frustrated even though I know that she has many demands on her time. It is looking more and more like we probably should have not been admitted in the first place and that the cardiologist that admitted us (one who does not regularly follow up with Evan) was over reacting a bit.

On a lighter note we have enjoyed seeing glimpses of the Blue Angles practicing in the air, getting ready for Fleet Week. Evan oohs and ahhs when I get him to the window in time to see then fly over. He is also enjoying his Thomas the Train DVDs and will not watch anything else right now. I am not so thrilled with them and am going a bit mad because they are playing in my mind even on the rare occasions that the DVD player is off. I miss his Baby Einstein obsession because at least then all I would have running through my mind was pleasant classical music.


GoofyJ said...

That would be a bit frustrating. But at least you get entertainment from the plains flying outside. I hope you get all the answers you need soon and can get back settled in at home.

chelle said...

I am sorry you are in limbo ... you are in our thoughts and we are so rooting for you and your family!