Saturday, October 07, 2006


Not much happened today. The weather was super nice out or so it seemed by looking out the window. We are both rather bored and tired of being in here. One nice thing about us being in here but not being sick is that the nurses don't harass us nearly as often for vital signs. Evan is actually starting to warm up to them and not be so skittish.

My sister is coming for a visit and I am hoping that I will be able to actually get out of the hospital for a nice long walk. I hadn't before because I was worried I would miss being able to talk to a doctor. I hate it when they talk to my husband because he is horrible at communicating what they say to me. He is a typical guy in that regard.

Tomorrow night Evan will be having a blood draw to check his INR. Please keep your fingers crossed that it will be low enough that we will be able to go home on Monday. I am also hopping that we don't get a digger because if one more person digs in Evan's veins I am going to throw a fit. He has the worst bruises on his poor arms because of digging. I know that they would not be doing that if Evan was an adult that could hit someone for vein digging.


chelle said...

awwww I so hoping you get to go for your walk and that the test results send you home! hugs!

Anne/kq said...

I'm so sorry everything seems to be going wrong for you. I'm glad your sister is coming, I'm hoping she is able to relieve a little of your stress. My mom (pediatric nurse) says to tell you that if someone sticks your son more than twice, you are completely within your rights to demand a more experienced nurse or a nurse-anesthesiologist or phlebotomist come take his blood instead, because no child deserves to be dug in. We're praying for you.