Friday, October 13, 2006

My thoughts on the election

Today I got a call from Al Gore. A week or so ago I got a call from Bill Clinton. It was nice of them to personally call me to inform me about things that are going on during this election. I fell all warm and fuzzy now and will certainly be taking into consideration what they have to say come voting time. OK, so they didn't really call me personally, it was a recording but I can pretend can't I?

The one thing that is really bothering me about this election is the sheer number of bond issues that are on the ballot in California. Why is it OK for this state to go into debt for things that our taxes should be covering? Why should our kids and grand kids pay for our refusal to prioritize the issues that are most urgent and important? I don't run my house that way why should the state be allowed to do it?

I think that poor Phil Angiledes has a tough go of it. He is running against a guy that could kick his butt and looks it. I really don't think he has much of a chance because of that. Seriously, if you have a Governor that was Mr. Universe and was the Terminator don't you think that the people will go for him instead of the guy that looks like he was in the chess club in high school?


You decide!


Gina said...

Hubba-hubba and I were talking about exactly the same thing the other day!

It is horrible to say, because looks should not count, but doesn't he look like a total dweeb?

Sad to say, that is how people will think and vote accordingly.

As for the tax, after Prop 13, most of the tax revenue disappeared, so a lot of stuff has been "postponed." We used to be a leader in the US in many categories, and now for a plethora of reasons, we are at or near the bottom. A lot of it can be traced back to Prop 13, which essentially voted to cap property taxes.

Awesome Mom said...

That makes sense but good luck getting people to realize that and change things back to the way they were. Old people, who are the ones benifiting the most from Prop 13, vote in droves while us youngins sit on our butts for the most part. Our kids will suffer while the old people will be long dead.

fancypantsnancy said...

I think the bottom guy has a cute chin dimple and a trustworhy smile... oh wait a minute, aren't we supposed to vote on the issues????

chelle said...

We cannot vote since even though we live here for the moment, we are not residents of the US....But I thought when we moved here a year ago that Californians were all mad at the Terminator?!?!

Awesome Mom said...

You are right Chelle, but us capricious Californians have forgiven all. He is pretty far ahead in the polls so it is looking like we will have the Governator for another term.

Anne/kq said...

Didja get the action alert about the Ahnold's Leno appearance being funded by our tax dollars? Yeah, that's really spending the money well.

I've also loved the commercials against the tobacco tax. "And they won't even spend most of the money on stop smoking programs!"

Come on, tobacco companies, nice try. It's already been proved that increasing the price of cigarettes through taxation reduces smoking in both children and adults, in and of itself. And smoking cessation programs are supposed to be paid for by the tobacco companies as well as by the state, under the settlements in several lawsuits. Plus, when you think of how much money is generated by a tax hike, less than 3% to smoking cessation programs is still a LOT. Their arguments are ludicrous, and I'm annoyed whenever I see those ads, more, I think, than any other political ads (and that's saying something, I hate almost ALL political ads.)