Monday, March 10, 2008

Ooo burn!!!

Conversation between me and my husband as we were packing the diaper bag for church.

AM: "Let's bring the periscopes. The boys will have fun peeping over the pews with them."

Husband gathers both of the periscopes and casually examines them.

H: "I can tell that you made this one. There are two nails that are not fully hammered in."

AM examines the periscope in question.

AM: "Nope! That one is yours."

H: "How can you tell?"

AM: "It does not have the split in the top where I mishammered in a nail."

Not only did I put together a better and smoother product, but I did it faster than him because I took the time to read the directions. I never took any shop classes in school, but my daddy taught his girls how to hammer a nail with the best of them.


Amanda said...

Haha -- Girls rule, boys drool, and you can quote me on that. :)

Hey, I've tagged you for the book meme. Won't you please play along? (Details here.)

Family Adventure said...

Heh! Take that, boys!

Heidi :)

Anonymous said...


chelle said...

hehehe w00t go girl!

Gina said...

My husband NEVER reads the directions on anything and it drives me nuts.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Wow, if my mom had made periscopes for me when I was a kid, church would have been *so* much more fun!

Damselfly said...

Go Awesome, Go Awesome!