Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Puke city!

So my Tuesday sucked big time but not as badly as Evan's sucked.

Evan woke up insanely early with his usual get Harry to do the dirty work door opening. We all head downstairs and I can tell tell Evan is not in a great mood. He started loudly demanding to go outside (nevermind that it was cloudy and chilly out). When I broke the news to him that he was going to have to eat breakfast before we even thought about stepping foot out of the house he started sobbing. That earned him a trip back upstairs into bed. It was quite obvious to me that he had awoken us all far too early.

After awhile the reason for his mood became clear when he threw up and kept throwing up all day long. My washing machine and dryer got quite a work out and I had to break into the blanket storage box to make sure that he had adequate bedding.

A tip for situations such as this is that waterproof mattress covers come in handy. I took them downstairs and put them over the couch to help protect it and allow him to watch tv at the same time. When he would get one messy I would switch it out with the clean one. I am sure that my couch is very happy that I did this and it also prevented us from running out of clean couch space.

It is always a bit scary when Evan gets a stomach bug (which thankfully has been rare) since dehydrations is something that he needs to avoid to help prevent the possibility of another stroke. He puked up his medication last night so I am making a call to the pediatric cardiologist to see what she wants me to do if he does it again. We are taking things very slowly this morning and hopefully we can have a vomit free day. I am keeping a sharp eye on him to make sure that he stays somewhat hydrated.

Poor Harry has been a trooper. He is very concerned for his brother. I have a hard time keeping him away from the germs. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that this thing will not spread (although I am being realistic about it too). Last night I was so sure that my stomach was upset, but then I realized that I had hardly eaten all day and food soon settled my stomach down. Harry was mad that Evan got to watch tv whole he had to go to the table and have dinner. Evan was mad that he could not sit up at the table and had to watch tv instead. I think that of the two Evan is a better patient since he has a more easygoing personality. I think I would be hard pressed to keep Harry laying quietly on the couch unless something was drastically wrong.


Elizabeth-W said...

Oh no! That is the worst! I thought maybe you were going to say everyone got food poisoning from Outback, so this actually turned out better in that only one kiddo was barfing everywhere. (see how I there's always a silver lining?)
Hope it isn't spreading through the house.

Tama said...

Wow what a day! I hate when little kids get sick--especially vomitting sick. I hope everything is ok.

Steph said...

Poor little guy! Hope he's feeling better and that no one else gets it!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Poor guy! Hope you feel better soon!

The Estrogen Files said...

Poor little man! I hope he's feeling better now. Stomach bugs are the total WORST!!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh poor little guy. I hope that he starts feeling better and soon! Hopefully wont get you or anyone else sick too.

Amber said...

Ohhhh, I am so sorry! It is bad enough with a healthy kid but when you have to be extra careful it just adds to the stress. Hugs for you and hopes he will get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Poor Evan, and poor Mom. Some days are like that---even in Australia. (Does Evan have that book?)
Pray that the rest of the family can avoid the bug.

Anonymous said...

Uggh - puking is the worst. I have a bunch a bad colds invading the house, but I will take that anyday over puking - hope he gets better quick and that the rest of you can dodge it.