Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The friend party

The party went well and I think that everyone had a fun time. It was a bit stressful doing all the planning and preparation, but it was worth it. Evan had such a fun time that he was asking to go back to the park and have another birthday party. The weather could have not been more perfect. It was a bit chilly at first but quickly warmed up, I even got a tiny bit pink. The sun sent me into such a tizzy that I even dug out the summer wardrobes for both boys and gave then a good wash so they will be ready in case this delightful trend continues.

Harry having some fun on the swings.

This is why we are not getting bunk beds for the boys. Harry is quite the little monkey and is eager to show off his climbing abilities. The kid that is above him is also quite the dare devil.

Evan and Harry sharing some brotherly play time. Evan just finished dumping the bark onto Harry's lap. The bucket and shovels were not even mine, another kid that was not associated with the party left it out.

Mommy helping Evan blow his candles out. We had a hard time getting them lit because of the wind, but once they were placed in front of Evan he had a hard time blowing them out.

Mmmmm....... cupcakes! I got all the stuff for the party from the dollar store. I was surprised at the great selection, we managed a pretty coherent theme of Sesame Street. The only thing missing was cups which Evan decided should be sports balls rather than balloons.


chelle said...

Wow! Harry is looking more and more like Evan! They are so cute!

Glad the party was a success!

GoofyJ said...

Cute pics - glad the party was a success! Gotta love bunkbeds - we had some given to us and though we had the top bunk pretty much blocked off, Dorothy still figured out how to climb up to it - she wasa 2 years old! (and there was no ladder)

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Looks like a great party!
And I'm totally jealous of you getting a bit pink. It has been raining buckets here for the last 12 hours with no real end in sight. (sigh)

Gina said...

Fun times! Gotta love cupcakes!