Sunday, March 30, 2008

I spoke too soon

This time the entire family has been slammed with a nasty coldish virus. Thursday I was wiping up snotty nose after snotty nose and Saturday I was coughing, I had a sore throat and a slight fever. Evan is feeling it too. He spent most of Saturday afternoon laying on the couch while I was napping. He perked up a lot after I gave him some Tylenol, so I think that his throat was bugging him too. I think I am going to crawl back into bed. The germs are laughing at us.


Family Adventure said...

Get better!!!


Steph said...

No fun. Hope everyone feels better soon!!

chichimama said...

Feel better soon-

Jaelithe said...

Argh-- this happened in our house, too. Suffered through one virus, got well for a couple of days, and then got slammed with a second.

We're on the mend now, though. And if any more germs try to jump on me before my flight this Wednesday, I'll strangle them with my bare hands.

Anonymous said...

Wow--What a winter.
Hope you all feel better soon.
It's been so cold here this weekend-in the 30's at night. Heavy frosts. Strange for this time of year.

chelle said...

Hope you are already better!