Saturday, March 01, 2008


I am no good at keeping secrets. The second I find out something I have to tell everyone. I had kind of wanted to keep this secret until it was ultra official but I just can't keep it in any longer.

We got our orders and we will be moving to the great state of Kansas. Talk about culture shock. We found out on Thursday which is why I wrote that angsty post. I am still digesting and getting used to the idea even though I knew this was a possibility. Before it was theoretical and now it is much more certain. The only thing keeping me from saying 100% is that the detailer forgot to run it by the special needs people (on account of Evan). My husband checked before he put it down as an option on his dream sheet, so we already know that there are a ton of Pediatric Cardiologists and physical therapists in the area where we will be living or at the very least a not too long drive away.

I am bummed that there is not a Costco near by, but there is a Sam's Club to meet my bulk shopping needs. There is only one Target but there are three Walmarts. This is is going to be one destination that I will be sure to visit from time to time.

I think the most exciting thing about this move will be that we will be able to afford to buy a house. A real house with some land instead of a shack with a postage stamp yard. Yes the weather will not be as felicitous as it is here, but as one of my friends says "I can't afford nice weather."

It is going to be sad to leave all my wonderful friends here that have been there for me when times were the toughest, but I know that I will have a new ward filled with new friends waiting there for me. Plus I have all my lovely blog friends that will move with me where ever I go.


Vicky said...

I think your attitude to moving is the right one. There are many as yet undiscovered friends and adventures waiting for you and yes, we bloggy people will come with you too!

To be able to have your own house will be exciting.

And I am grumpy about Seiju's upcoming move - he has to work till 6pm on one day here, and is expected to report for work at 8am the next morning two and a half hours away. How is THAT supposed to happen????

chelle said...

Moving is always tough, but your right blogging friends come with you and it does make it a little easier.

It is a big change! w00t on the potential house!

Yarn Barn ... sounds wonderful. said...

It sounds like you are working though it in a positive way. Having to move is hard, especially when you have limited options available to choose from.

How long will your next posting be? I assume a while since you will be buying a house...

The Laundress said...

Hey there Awesome,

a house in Kansas (a yard, perhaps a doggie?) sounds mighty fine. It must be a relief to know where you are going! Hope all is humming along smoothly?

--best wishes!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Well, you didn't quite make it to Ohio, but at least we can stay close via blogs. :) A house of your own will be so wonderful!! All that extra room to store YARN! :)

When is the move?

Zephra said...

That is a bit of a shock. Kansas is nice though (If you don't mind tornadoes). And you are right, house prices are way better.

bella said...

I'm glad you're working out the move. I always get anxious about moves, even when its what I want! I can't imagine having so little control and still being so gracious!

And just think: the weather may not be so mild, but that's what woolen handknits are for! (And what a great excuse! LOL)

Gina said...

Oh wow, Kansas! I have never been, but I imagine you guys will definitely get to buy a great house over there!

Jaelithe said...

Oh I feel bad that I haven't visited your site in a few days and therefore did not know about this sooner. I'm so sorry you have to move-- it's such a pain. But hopefully your new house will be nicer.

So, eastern Kansas or western Kansas?

(In other words, how close to MY state? It's only a five or six hour drive from St. Louis to Kansas City, you know.)

I've been to Kansas and I think it's very pretty there. Flat, mind. But pretty. Big sky country. Lots of stars.

Mel said...

"I can't afford nice weather" LOL. How true that is!

I really do hope the move goes well for you and you find your dream home:)

Ginger said...

Holy Moly!! KANSAS