Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We are home safe. I don't get any rest though. I have a horribly messy house to clean and I also have stuff to do for the Relief Society birthday dinner tonight. Harry is on a cranky streak and may drive us insane before the night is over.


Tama said...

Sounds like my day--except for the cranky children (I'm cranky and have a headache that has been getting worse for the last two days). I just hate R.S. events they always want to play games and I am not a game playing person. Ours is on Friday, and yes, we get to play games--oh goody. I'll clean your house if you'll go to my R.S. dinner and play the games for me.

Our Love Story said...

Thanks for the help with cloth diapers a couple of weeks back! I am glad to hear that just an inexpensive detergent works fine. I crochet - maybe knitting will be in my future! :-) I will also check out that site some day soon!

I am enjoying the cloth so far - hoping to get to a post about it soon, too!

Thanks again!