Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Review the Queue- March of The Penguins

This is going to be a regular feature here so that I can keep track of the movies I rent from Netflix. Hopefully I will be able to help others avoid horrible bad movies as well.

I really enjoyed March of The Penguins. I should have watched it without the kids since they enjoyed seeing the penguins so much that it was hard to get them to not stand in front of the tv. The cinematography was amazing. I really wish that I had been able to see it while it was in the theaters. I also enjoyed that they did not sugar coat things. Sometimes death is really downplayed in nature shows even though it is a huge part of any animal's life. Morgan Freeman was an excellent choice for the voice over. He has such a rich and expressive voice, it really added a lot to the movie. I think that this is an excellent movie all around although some more sensitive kids should avoid seeing it since there are a few scary spots where penguins get chased by seals.


Erin said...

That movie made me and Laurie want to move to Antartica and drill penguin holes so they wouldnt have to walk so far.

Karen said...

My ds LOVES penguins. They are his favorite. We took him to see the movie and there were parts he cried at! He's a tenderheart.

Also watched "Critter Cam" once and it featured penguins. There was penguin death in that too and he was horrified!! He couldn't believe the camera man wouldn't help get the penguins unstuck from a crevice. The ended up all dying!