Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bunny madness

We had a crazy busy day today filled with a lot of candy and other fun things. The breakfast with the easter bunny was pretty much what I had expected. This year the easter bunny managed to show up to the breakfast on base and it was really nice weather out so we were not freezing during the easter egg hunt. This year we also remembered (the night before) to bring a bucket to put the eggs in. My husband decided to crash the bigger kids section and let Evan get some real candy since there was no way we were going to let him eat the pretzels.

The second hunt we went to had more fun activities including rock painting. That was hosted by a group that it trying to get funding for a children's museum in this area which is something I can really get behind. The egg hunt was even more age divided than the first one we went to because there were eggs with prizes in them. If you got one with a number you got that corresponding prize. Since parents were only allowed to help in the 1-2 egg section we kept Evan there since he would have been at a disadvantage only being able to use one hand. Harry picked up a prize egg and won a very puzzling chicken pillow. I looked up the pillow online and discovered that this silly pillow that I could probably have made myself was retailing for 38.00!

The second hunt had the best candy. We got a bunch of really small Jelly Belly packets. Jelly Belly jelly beans are my all time favorite jelly bean. I am finding it hard to share with the boys. I was not sad that there was very little chocolate since the quality of chocolate handed out at events like this is often sub par.

We also went out to eat for dinner since neither of us felt like cooking. We ordered the boys some fish and chips and the waitress was amazed that such small children would love fish so much. She even stuck around to watch them chow down.

What a cute little boy!! Last year he spent the entire time in a sling.

It goes in the bucket!

Evan spotted an egg in the bushes and was determined to get it all by himself.

Evan and Daddy waiting for the Easter Bunny to come at hunt #2

Here comes the Easter bunny!!!


Gina said...

There is nothing suckier than crappy chocolate, I agree!

Steph said...

Looks like lots of fun!!

chelle said...

hehe How cool is it that the Easter bunny arrives by Fire Truck!

Glad you had a wonderful day!