Friday, March 23, 2007

Naughty day

If I had known that today was a naughty day I would have stayed in bed.

Naughty incident number one was caused by Harry. We just bought a new floor lamp to replace an old one. It had a light bulb that was propitiary so when it went out there was no way to replace the bulb (no wonder the lamp was so cheap). The new one was pretty swank and had a lovely glass shade. Sadly the base was pretty light making the whole thing top heavy. I moved it this morning to vacuum behind it and helpful Harry happily knocked it down for me sending glass everywhere. Luckily Evan did not get any glass on him even though he was standing very close to where the shade broke.

Naughty incident two happened in the five seconds that I was inside trying to start lunch while Evan was outside playing on the patio. He cruelly stomped one of my husband's poor tiny pumpkin plants. To do this he had to climb over a small wire fence that my husband put up to keep the kids out. Very naughty little boy!

Number three was the real kicker. We live in an end town home unit. The area where ours is situated is rather private in the winter but come summer when the pool opens and the kids wander around outside it is a magnet for trouble making teenagers. When we first moved in we would literally have them sitting on our doorstep smoking. After chasing them off several times they moved to smoking by our side yard fence. My husband would then develop a sudden urge to water the plants. My husband is not very accurate with the hose and "accidentally" got the teenagers wet(so sad, I know).

Today was our first run in for the new season. They kept riding by cursing and smoking while I had the kids outside before bed time. I was almost ready to get the hose out when they left. Then when I was upstairs getting the boys ready for bed I heard them talking right under the window (which was open since it was such a nice day). I told them to go away and leave my front steps. One thought he would be clever and tried to bargain with me by promising to stop cursing in front of the kids. I told him that they would be going to bed soon so any talking would not be welcome. I suggested to them that they should go to the park where they could talk all they wanted and not annoy anyone. He was not thrilled with that suggestion. He tried to claim that his parents did not want him going there. I then asked him if they wanted him smoking too and was met with silence. He then kept trying to out wit me with his "logic" but he was beat after I threatened to call the police.

I would not have actually called the police since I doubt the would have been all that quick to come. Instead I would have called my neighbor who is also our hometeacher. He is one scary looking dude and he has a son who is a hulking guy. They would have scared those kids off in no time had they stuck around.


chelle said...

egads you have had a rough day :(
Tomorrow is sure to be better!

Nanette said...

Sorry about your day. :(

Ugh!!! Whatever happened to respecting other's property. I guess those teens missed that lesson.

Amber said...

Yikes!!!!! But THAT is a hometeacher I could definitely use 'round here!!!

Undercover Angel said...

Sounds like you've had a rough day! I'd be talking to the parents of those teens - that might slow things down for you. I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Nancy said...

Wow, you did have a bad day. I absolutely can not stand rude teenagers and how dare they be so disrespectful to you and your property. My husband would take care of it fast... but then again, he's a cop so he would know exactly what to do.

Sounds like you have a great Hometeacher. I bet if he came by while those rude kids were there just once, the kids would think twice about smoking and cussing on your doorstep.

Good luck and I hope that today is a better day!

Fidget said...

I think i would have pour some water out of my upstairs window right on those little shits

CHEL said...

I think all days are naughty days at my house... :)
I hope your days just get better.

Tracy said...

What a day! Sorry to hear it was filled with such naughty things :(! I hope tomorrow is better for you.

Gina said...

When it rains, it pours.

Definitely ask your neighbor to peek out the next time those punks hang around your place.

sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Oh yes, scary dude trumps all!!