Thursday, March 29, 2007

A new holiday

I have decided that tomorrow is Blame Everything on my Husband Day. I wanted to start it today but since it was late afternoon when I came to this conclusion it was moved to tomorrow.

Global warming? Yep it is my husband's fault that the planet has a fever.

Something spilled on the floor? My husband did something that caused the spill.

The kids are cranky? Yep his fault again even though he leaves the house before they wake up.

The weather is not as nice as you like it? Yup it is my husband's fault.

Anything goes tomorrow. Feel free to add your suggestions about things that are my husband's fault.


Undercover Angel said...

Oh, that's one holiday I want to celebrate!

If I burn supper's my husband fault

If it rains, it's my husbands fault

If I'm tired it's my husbands fault

If the cat gets sick, it's my husbands fault..

Darren a/k/a Clare's Dad said...

Husbands are used to being blamed for everything. When's Blame Everything on the Wife Day?

Jen said...

I'm pretty sure it's my husband's fault that this ice cream I'm eating is going to to straight to my hips.

fancypantsnancy said...

Yeah and what about those kids??? His fault too!

The New Parent said...

Hi--new to your blog. Very cute post. But, as a blogging Dad, when is split the blame day?
Where we all share the blame.

Vicky said...

Darren, in some bitter and twisted peoples' world view, every OTHER day is "blame it on the wife day"!

My husband's famous one-liners are;
When I spilled a pot of boiling hot spaghetti water all over the kitchen floor because I'd burned my hand when picking it up - "WHY did you DO that???"
When the car door suddenly spewed out flames, and I called him from a convenience store parking lot in a panic - "What did you do to it????"
When our baby son swallowed a button battery and needed to have it removed under general anaesthetic, meaning he needed to come home from work where he was on "Big Duty" - "Why did you do this to me???"
In his defence English isn't his first language so he doesn't know how D-H-y that makes him sound, but really! He has stopped asking dumb questions after accidents since I started using the standard reply - "Because I just fancied pissing you off, dear."
And Awesome Mom, it's your husband's fault that I have a headache today - What did he do????

Nancy said...

I thought EVERY day was "blame hubby day".

But seriously... Jessica and I joke WITH daddy that everything is his fault. He plays along but in real life there are days that it seems like I need to blame everything on someone.... hubby is the most likely person to blame... right?

Vicky said...

Actually, thinking about this a bit more, the best holiday to institute would be "World, Actually It Isn't Anyone's Fault That These Things Happen Day" or for short, "Blame No-one Day" (but that would be a lot less fun...)

A lot of sniping and snarking would be removed from this world if no-one blamed anyone for the state of things around us. (Apart from the things that really DO result from a preconsidered action of course!)

Anonymous said...

heh :) We like to blame things on the man in the moon - or sometimes its the invading invisible martians.

Amber said...

Kids don't sleep: definitely hubby's fault. And that is why he's doing the sleep training with baby Bode tonight. :-)