Thursday, February 07, 2008

What are you talking about?

Evan is entering a very annoying yet funny phase. He is expanding his verbal skills by repeating phrases from the books that I read to him. He will often blurt out odd phases that really have nothing to do with what we were discussing and then repeat it over and over until I am nearly insane. His current favorite is "Hey wait a minute!"

Harry is quite the copier these days. It is hilarious watching him insist on something. If daddy puts pepper on his food then Harry much have pepper on his food too. He sees me grab a napkin and immediately he demands one too. He sees Evan play with a toy in a particular manner then he has to do it too. This has also developed into more complex copying behaviors. The boys had been looking a bit dry lately, so I bent my no drinks at times other than meals rule and let them have free use of a sippy cup. One dribbled a bit onto a side table we have. Harry rushed into the kitchen, got a towel out of a drawer, wiped up the spill and then put the towel into the dirty clothing pile. If only he were more consistent I would have my own little servant following me around cleaning up after me.

Evan watching the brownies bake. Harry was having a hard evening due to a short nap so he missed out on the FHE treat. You can see him in the corner of the picture having a sobbing fit over me offering to let him lick the spoon.

I don't think this picture really needs a caption.


Guinevere Meadow said...

There are worse phrases he could be repeating!!! :)

creative-type dad said...

Wow! I use to line my toy cars like that too.

Now I line my real cars like that... I wish

Gina said...

Too cute!

Nanette said...

Holy matchbox cars! :)