Saturday, February 23, 2008

I am informing Disney

Evan has officially renamed Mickey Mouse, he has decided that he is now Poopy Mouse. I can only assume that this is because Disney has seen fit to place their icon on the disposable diapers that we use at night.


Darren said...

I like that. I'm sure Evan will be hearing from Disney's attorneys though.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in our house is called 'poopy head' at the moment. Alexander is also obsessed by poop. Is there some 'Poop meister' infiltrating our small ones minds while they sleep do you think?

We managed to miss Teletubbies mostly. Jordan was too old and Alexander had a couple of months then moved on to Pokemon or something.

Have you found out what 'Stephanie' is opening yet?

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

(sniff) (sniff) I love Mickey Mouse.

Elizabeth-W said...

Poor Poopy Mouse!
What images do you think should be on diapers? (Laughing to myself at all the gross ideas I'm coming up with...) ;)

Tama said...

It must be a boy thing. The Daughter never named items "Poopy" anything.

I was tagged and so, consider yourself tagged! Tell 7 random things about yourself then pass the tag along. I had fun with mine.

WI Mommy said...

We had a HUGE fight on our hands when we ran out of the Mickey ones once. Little J only wanted the mouse on his tushy. I'm all for plain white ones - of course now it's those blasted Cars pull-ups!!