Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Minivans sure have changed a lot since I first rode in one as a kid. My parents had a bare bones ultra boxy Plymouth Voyager. Here are a few ways my minivan is different than my parent's minivan.

I think this is one of the coolest differences. There are vents in the roof of the van so that the passengers can actually get hot or cool air directly on them. I remember road trips in the summer with my parent's van. The people in the back would be melting, the people in the middle would be ok and the people in the front would be freezing cold. My van is so souped up that the passengers can have one temp, the front passenger can have another and the driver can have yet another.

This is a super cool storage space that is in between the middle and front seats. It is a cool secret compartment where you can hide stuff like emergency diapers instead of having it rattling around loose on the floor.

This is a built in sun shade. Very handy for keeping the sun out of the kids eyes with out having to try and use the ones that you can buy in stores that never fit or stick very well.

Another awesome difference. Two, count em two sliding doors! No more waiting to get in because your sister is being slow about getting in the minivan. My doors open and shut on their own. I am not really too lazy to open my own doors, I was just worried that I might chip my nails if I had bought the one with no power doors.

Fold flat seats! No more hauling out the back seat and storing it in the garage for the cats to sleep on.

Extra deep storage. No more putting groceries in the car and worrying that a can might get loose and roll around the car.

Middle windows that roll down!!! Again I remember those summer road trips with windows that only kind of popped out. Not much cool air got in making the window essentially useless for cooling.

Here is a full shot of The Gray Ghost. Sorry about the sun glare but my neighbor was parked on the other side so I could not take a picture from the other side. I am loving my new ride. I am having issues with parking. I seem to pull in to one side and when I park at home I keep parking too far back. I actually blocked a sidewalk with my car and was so far from the garage door that you could open it with out moving the car.


Family Adventure said...

Hi there,

Just stopping by from Lainey's blog: Your new ride looks very swanky indeed. I love sliding doors, too, and not having to worry about my kids scratching up some other car when they push open the door.

Heidi :)

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

The sun glare is perfect. It looks like a little sparkle! :)

Love the van. I think you'll be very happy with it!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! I am in danger of being insanely jealous ;-)

Zephra said...

OMG! I have never seen the middle window roll down. It is the coolest and the fold under the floor seats are the greatest thing ever.

*Michelle* said...

Hee! We got a van over the weekend too! (well... on Thursday, actually) Is that the Toyota? We went with the Kia-- also silver! I LOVE our van. :D It barely fits in the garage. I have to get out multiple times to check position before closing the garage door & I have about 1" clearance to open the dryer! Nonetheless, I absolutely love it!

Enjoy. :)

Tama said...

Ya, mini vans aren't what they used to be. Yours looks very nice!!

chichimama said...

I remember all those things about our Plymouth Van as well. It was always a toss up whether you wanted to sit in the back as far away from the parents as possible and sweat to death, or the middle where you were quizzed on this that and the other thing but were at least comfortable.

you da mom! said...

haha, but is it barely bigger than a prius PLUS can seat 6? does it have side/curtain airbags? oh, sorry, i'm all hyped up on the post i did today on my mazda 5!! see...i'm totally competitive about cars. it's a sickness. btw, are you still knitting? do you belong to any groups? we should meet up sometime for some good 'ol needle fun (that sounds really druggy, but you know what i mean...).

Gina said...

My aunt has an Odyssey, and I do indeed think it is very cool.

chelle said...

Ooo congrats on the new ride!! I am super envious!!! All that ROOM!!