Monday, February 04, 2008


Instead of planning out the menus for the week I am taking time off from my lace to blog. I hate doing the menu so this will give me an excuse for at least a little while. Sadly it can't be put off forever since as soon as Sesame Street is over Evan will be harassing me to get out of the house. Sigh.

I am always laughing at my husband when he picks out clothing for the kids. Often he will pull out something for Evan and it will be Harry's and much too small. He stopped sorting the boy's laundry since he was constantly mixing them up. Well now it is my turn to mix things up. I put on one of Evan's sleepers on Harry. I could not figure out why Harry's feet kept falling out of the foot part. He kept insisting that his pjs were "broken". It took me a bit before I figured out what the issue was but was too lazy to actually change his pjs I just grabbed some of my hair ties and put them around his ankles. Problem solved (that is if you realize that the problem was Harry complaining and not him being in too big pjs).

Harry had another one of his crying episodes last night. For Christmas they got a Moon in My Room which we put in and then took out because Evan was crying at night when it turned off. Well it is back in since that was the only way I was able to get Harry back to sleep. I think that we are going to be putting a real night light in the room once I find one that does not need to be plugged in. If we get a plug in one I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the kids will have it out of the wall in five seconds flat. They will want to try and plug it in themselves and I am not comfortable with them experimenting with electricity at such a tender age.

Yesterday at church I saw a friend of mine that had moved out of our ward and into The Other Ward (when my ward talks about the other ward we always capitalize it with our voices as there is a bit of friendly rivalry between the wards). I had just been thinking of her so it was nice to see her again. She is pregnant with her first baby and due at the end of July. I am already dreaming up things to knit her baby even though it will be a summer baby.

Elmo is on, so I really had better get to planning. Sigh. I wonder if my husband will complain if we have pizza every night.

For those that asked the lace scarf I am knitting is called Isobel. I found the pattern on Ravelry. I had a skien of sportweight wool blend that I picked up for a dollar and wanted to make something fun with it.


Anonymous said...

i need to get inspired by your weekly menu picking...i keep telling myself i need to plan ahead, and i fail terribly each time. The best i've done is 3 days in advance, lol.

Gina said...

Mr. P still can't go to sleep without some type of light on. I wonder when he will get over that.

*Michelle* said...

Elmo is practically a family member around here thanks to the dvr! :)

chelle said...

ugh I so hear ya on the menu planning. My bitter chore.

GoofyJ said...

Menu? What's a menu? :-D

My husband is hopeless at sorting the kids laundry (especially the girls') too - he'll help with the laundry but leave all the kids stuff for me - at least he helps some though! :-)