Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not so Wordless Wednesday

You guys are making me laugh. I especially love Michelle's comment about the bar fight. We actually told someone one that Evan was in a bar fight when he got a particularly nasty black eye. The looks we got were priceless especially since we were at church at the time. We have also been jokingly accused of beating our children (it was coming from a mom with three boys, so she knew how it was).

This morning I had a dad at the library tell me that I should have gotten stitches for the cut on Harry's eyelid. I almost sarcastically asked him is he was a doctor, but then decided I would feel silly if he actually was and left it. I had actually pondered stitches but decided that the hassle would have been worse than the tiny scar. I did not fancy having to hold Harry down while they went at him with a sharp needle near his eye. Besides Evan has so many scars that Harry is going to need a few to keep up with his brother.


Lainey-Paney said...

for that?
can you look down in it & see tissue? (or, could you when it first happened?) If not, they wouldn't do stitches or even the liquid-stitches, or so my Pediatrician's office told me!

chichimama said...

Yeah, I wouldn't have bothered with the ER for that, having just been there done that. C's cut was about an inch long, deep and wide. Clearly not going to close on it's own. That's my litmus test, if it will stay closed without stitches, who cares about the scar :-).