Sunday, July 16, 2006

Who died and made you king?

I have been feeling very grumpy of late and I am finally ready to get it out of my system. Friday I found out that my insurance company has decided to no longer pay for any of Evan's feeding supplies. They think that due to the fact that he is only on one can a day of Pedisure that they should not have to pay for any of it now because it is obviously a supplement and not a major source of nutrition. Grrr!

Why is it that they get to decide when my son has been on the feeding tube long enough? The reality is that it should be his GI doctor and me that make the final decision, not some pencil pusher in an office that has never even met Evan. If they had met him they would be so charmed by his cuteness that they would give him anything that he wanted.

Luckily we already have an appointment with his GI doctor scheduled in a little over a week. I had anticipated that we would be stopping all tube feedings at that time so I am not fighting the insurance company right now. We have enough extra supplies to eek our way through the week. If the decision is to not stop the feeds then all hell will break loose.

I have to say in the insurance company's defense they are generally pretty good about paying for things. Many of the people that I know that have kids with feeding issues can't get any type of formula for their kids covered because it is considered food. I am rolling my eyes right now. I do take issue with the fact that my insurance company will not cover the cost of us seeing a nutritionist. You would think that they would cover that kind of thing for a kid with a tube but they don't. They don't cover the cost of any one seeing a nutritionist.

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Gina said...

The for-profit healthcare system is totally f'ed up. Excuse my French, but it fits perfectly.

chichimama said...

Ulgh. How annoying. At least you are seeing the GI soon. Hopefully he will saw no more tube or be able to battle the insurance company for you. Hang in there.

Zephra said...

It is my belief that anything medical should be covered. From food (nutrition) to mental. You should get what you pay for and God knows we pay a lot.