Thursday, July 13, 2006


I went to the grocery store today to pick up a few extra things. I went to one that I don't normally go to because this one is the closest to us that carries the kind of yoghurt that I give to Evan. While there I decided to do a bit of an impulse purchase and pick up some popsicles. While wandering down the aisles I happened to see some Haagen-Dazs bars (dark chocolate with mint ice cream). I just had to get them too.

I get home and put things away. Our freezer is packed full of stuff so the ice cream bars had to come out of the box to fit in the freezer. Some how they ended up behind a bunch of things so that they were not readily seen. I was not trying to hide them honest! Sadly my husband that rarely digs through the freezer had a craving for the vanilla ice cream that had been in the freezer for weeks but was recently consumed by Evan and I. He then proceeds to just browse the contents of the freezer and find the ice cream bars.

Is it bad that I was secretly disappointed that he found them?

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