Thursday, July 13, 2006

A mommy brag

I dread the thought that putting this out there for everyone to read will ruin things but I just have to brag. I have the best toddler ever. Evan is so great, he actually listens to me (for the most part) when I tell him to do things. He can sit, lay down, throw things away, put his clothing in the dirty clothing hamper, and put his toys away. He had a wonderful personality. Temper tantrums are rare and generally only happen when he is tired or needs to eat. In short he is a joy to be around.

I think that this is to make up for how rough his infantcy was. He was and always has been a good kid but everything else was hard. I was a new parent with an infant that needed special care. It was not easy but little by little things got easier and now they are amazing. Everyone that interacts with him agrees with me.

What brought this brag on was that I have been letting him out of the shopping cart to roam around stores during some of our many shopping trips. Harry has gotten so good with his sitting and is so heavy that I like to let him sit in the cart now. That leaves poor Evan to either sit in the basket or walk. Hearing the horror stories of kids running around the stores and breaking things made me hesitate before I let him loose. I was also hesitant because I was not sure that he would have the stamina to make it through an entire trip.

Evan as usual surprised me. He likes to look and tries to tough some of the items but will listen to me when I tell him to stop. He does not stray too far from me. If things get too out of hand with the touching I just hold his good hand and he can't touch anything else. I just hope that this good behavior keeps happening and does not disappear by the time he becomes a teenager.


Gina said...

Awww, what a cutie! Little boys just make my heart melt.

Amber said...

Maybe we should set your awesome toddler up with mine. That way if/when this marvelous phase ends, we'll have each other to fall back on.

And they were 10 pounds at birth? You are a BIRTHING machine!

Mom101 said...

Mama, if you can't brag about your own kid on your own blog, then what the hell's the point of a blog. Brag away! He sounds like he's earned his wonderfulness in spades.

Thanks for the great comment at my place today!

Baby & Mom blog said...

That's wonderful! Wow! My now 2 year old HAS to sit in a cart at the stores (preferably the ones that are race cars b/c otherwise he is pure terror) but my 5 year old does great walking around and he's very helpful.