Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The heat is on

Well I am starting to feel more human now that the worst of the heat is over. The high on Saturday was 105 and the high on Sunday was 104! I do not deal with heat well at all, there is a reason that I do not want to ever live in an area where it is that hot on a regular basis during the summer. When I was a kid and we lived in Oklahoma the heat would cause my nose to bleed. I am so glad that we only lived there for a short time and then moved to wonderful Washington land of incessant rain.

I think that Sunday was the worst. Because it was the Sabbath, normal heat beating things like eating out and going to malls was out. You would think that three hours in church would help since the building has air conditioning. Sadly the air conditioning seems to only work in one room which is where Sunday School was held. I had just enough time to cool down and feel human when we had to move on to the chapel for Sacrament meeting. Harry had been acting up during Sunday School but I was not leaving that room with it's glorious coolness for anything short of a full on scream fest.

We ended up leaving shortly after the Sacrament because I just could not endure the cranky kids in the heat. It was just too much. Instead I spent the time partially submerged in icy cold hose water with Evan in the wading pool. My husband could not fit in the pool with us and Harry was in dream land. It was heaven.

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