Saturday, July 22, 2006


It is fricking hot! My brain is melting and the kids are not napping so I am wiped out today. All I have to keep cool are some lame fans and a kiddy pool. I am praying that this horrible heat wave will end sometime soon. My husband does not see why I want to spend time at the beach where it is much cooler and the water is nice. I am going to ditch him and have fun with one of my mommy friends while he is wearing his hot uniform at work. Haha sucker! That is one of the few perks of being a stay at home mother.

These are pictures of Evan at the beach last year. They were taken days apart. Isn't it amazing how fast the weather can change? I don't have any beach pictures from this year because we haven't gone!!!! Grrr!


Amber said...

Ohhhhh, cute pictures! I am with you: I am sooooo grateful for air-conditioning and can't wait for the big cool down.

fancypantsnancy said...

we can go when we come in august.