Sunday, July 09, 2006

Some fun photos

We have had a pretty busy weekend. Saturday was the temple, which took all day. Evan ended up tripping while we were gone and getting a nice shiner. I told people at church that asked about it today that he got into a fight.

Speaking of church, we actually managed to make it through all three hours today. This has been a hard thing to do this year because our time changed from going at 9am to 12:30 in the afternoon. This happens to be right at Evan's nap time. He is pretty good for the first two hours which he is in nursery for. There he gets to run around and play with toys. During Sacrament meeting he is confined to a single pew and he is excessively tired from all the running around. Usually a melt down ensues shortly into the meeting. Today we managed to jolly him along with fruit snacks and dried cherries.

After we got home we had a little fun in our kiddy pool. Well we had fun in it until I discovered some mosquito larva in the pool. I hastily drained it and will have to come up with a way to cover it. I do not wish to have my back yard turn into a breeding ground for blood sucking pests. Pool time turned into marker time. I think that Evan wants to become a tattoo artist when he gets older. He even decorated Mommy's legs. Luckily Mommy is smart and has the new washable Crayola markers so the decorations washed off in the tub.


GoofyJ said...

I have never understood why some wards choose to have Sacrament meeting last, it is so hard on children, and sometimes people in general. I love having it first, it sets the tone for all the other meetings, and I can carry the spirit with me to the rest of the classes. I understand it can be tough, hooray that you made it through! :) I look forward to having Jacob in nursery in 2 months so I can enjoy Sunday school & RS, every Sunday again(Paul and I switch off every other Sunday playing with him in the halls because he usually gets too diruptive by the time he has sat through Sacrament meeting. :)

Amber said...

What a great site; I randomly linked from another's and "temple" and Sacrament" jumped out at me. It's always great to find another LDS Mom blogger!

happy mommy said...

I love the pictures of your little one!! Thanks for sharing your blog with the Nauvoodles!