Saturday, April 26, 2008

We have two winners!

The winner of the videos is CanCan, who should also win an award for the most rambling comment of the contest (it really gave me a good laugh).

The winner of the knit stegosaurus is Joanna. Henceforth Steggie will be known as Buford. Don't ask me why, but the second I saw that name I knew that it would be the eventual winner. Buford is such a random and funny name, I think it fits much better than Steggie.

Other names that tickled me were:
  • Yarnasaurus submitted by Paige. It did not win because a Yarnasauras is more of a species name to me rather than the name of an individual dinosaur. I will now consider any dino that I knit a yarnasaurus.
  • Charlie submitted by Marcia. Charles is the middle name of the guy that named the stegosaurus.
  • Rawr-chomp-chomp submitted by Michelle. Her two year old picked this name out. How could I not go aww over that name?
  • Stella submitted by Julie D. After all how can I really know that Buford is male? Joanna may find that someday she will have a nest of eggs on her hands.
  • Armand the Armored submitted by Frances. That is just such a smooth sounding name. I may just use that name for my next knit dino. I am sure that Armand will be quite the ladies' man (and not in a bad way, after all these are children's toys).


CanCan said...

I'm so honored! I don't have a speech prepared, but thank you all!

chelle said...

Many congrats to the winners!

Vicky said...

I don't know how I missed the first photo of that cute Stegosaurus, yes, he's a Buford alright!

He is SO cute!

Give him all the love he so spikily deserves...