Sunday, April 13, 2008


Today I am turning 29 for the first time* and I thought that to celebrate I would shower you with pictures of my cute kids.

Yesterday we went to the park and had some fun in the super warm weather.

Evan loves to dig!

This is the first time that Harry wanted to be on the big kid swings. I have attempted to get him to swing on them before, but he would always let go and fall off. I think that seeing Daddy swinging motivated him to give them another try.

Every one in the house took naps yesterday. Harry and I slept in beds, but Evan and my husband fell asleep while watching some tv.

A blackmail picture. We are going to a birthday party for a girl on Monday and I thought it would be fun to make her a simple princess skirt. I needed Evan to help fit the skirt properly since they are similar sizes. In this picture he is helping me adjust the hem of the skirt.

Here is a video from the park. I think that Harry is a soccer star in the making.

This is one of Evan's latest tricks. He can go right to our mail box and open it right up.

*I was younger I never knew how old my mom really was because she kept telling us that she was 29.


Katz said...

hahaha... My mom did the same thing. By the time I was a teenager, we started having anniversaries of her 29th birthday.

Amber said...

Darling pictures and it sounds like you had a wonderful day! Turning 29 for the first time is a huge milestone. :-)

Nancy said...

Gosh! we are the same age today! How did that happen? I guess we will have to be sisters now. Happy Birthday !

chelle said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Great pictures! said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!

Jaelithe said...

Happy birthday!

Ginger said...

i thought your birthday was a while ago. did you have two birthdays?

Damselfly said...

Happy birthday!

I know what you mean. My mother was 32 years old for at least eight years.

Cute pix and videos! They boys are growing and growing!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Happy birthday!

Lance likes to open our mailbox too, but he can't quite reach it!! He reaches up and points, then I pull down the lid. :)