Thursday, April 10, 2008

Awww! How nice!

These last few days I have been calling around and arranging for Evan's (and Harry's) medical records to be copied so that I can take them with me when we move. I have also been setting up various last appointments ect. Apparently I was a slacker mom last year and did not do Evan's annual well child check up until late May. That means that we will not be visiting the pediatrician, barring any major illness, before we move (insurance companies are rather strict about the once a year nature of the check up).

Get ready for the aww....... The pediatrician called me yesterday to tell me that he would miss our family and was sad that we were leaving. I thought it was nice of him to take the time out of his busy schedule to do something like that. I had always thought that he had a soft spot for us and now I know that he does. I hope that we can find one that is just as nice and as knowledgeable in our new home.

That is one aspect of this move that has been giving me the most trouble. I can keep in touch with my friends, but the great doctors that have done so much for us have to be more detached and professional. I can't expect them to write me a letter or send me a Christmas card. I do hope that they peek in now and then here at my blog (which I plan on sharing with them) so they can see Evan grow up even if it is vicariously.

You can still ask questions!


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

We get the insurance co. flack every year...."we can't see you until xx date because it has to be a year"

but Mike gets irritated....b/c it's actually "one per CALENDAR year" and no one at the office can seem to remember that fact.

It's nice your doc called you. I know of a great ped in Ohio, but it might be a little far for you. ;)

chelle said...

awww it is hard to leave the people that have been so influential in your child's life. I think it is an awesome idea to share the blog with the doctors!

Guinevere Meadow said...

How sweet of the Doc!

And then you have to break in a whole new set of doctors. Ugh. No fun!