Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Cuteness

I have a feeling that Harry is aiming to be the next Monk.

The other day when we were at the grocery store picking up some fresh fruit and milk I decided to let the kids out of the cart to walk with me. I generally don't do this because the shopping trip will end up being five times as long as it otherwise would have been. So any way, the kids were busy being small children that had been let loose in an environment where they are normally tightly contained. I start looking at bunches of bannanas and when I turn around to check on the kids I find Harry trying to put a green pepper that had fallen from it's display back up. It was rather comical seeing this short little guy reaching as high as he could to put something away. Eventually he decided that he was not tall enough and gave the pepper to me so that I could put it away.

On nice Saturday mornings you will often find us walking in the park. It is a great way to tire the kids out so that we can have a productive afternoon at home. As Harry was ambling along in his toddler way he noticed a piece of a fallen branch. The branch still had leaves on it so he made the connection that the branch had previously been a part of a tree. He then looked at me and told me that the tree was broken. I agreed with him and tired to move on. Harry then picked up the branch and handed it to me and insisted that I fix the tree. I obviously do not have that ability, but knowing the tenacity of Harry I employed a tiny bit of trickery. I pointed out something exciting and then threw the branch into the bushed while he was not looking.

The final proof that Harry is very Monk like is his obsession with wipes. After every meal he must have his hands cleaned and every speck of dirt mush be off of them. He even requests napkins at meals and uses them.


chelle said...

hehe I am glad my kid is not the only one that expects me to be able to fix broken trees. I have tried to teach her that is why we are careful not to break branches off since it is a forever sort of thing :)

Katz said...

We call my 18 month old Adrian all the time. He insists on touching EVER pole that we walk past.

Diana said...

It's funny how their young minds work. Don't you know that Mommy is Superwoman who can do all things and solve all problems?!
Have a great trip.

Anne/kq said...

Sounds rather like my Emma. Ah, the joys of Sensory Processing Disorder... (I should talk. I make my husband kiss me on the other cheek if he kisses me on one so I won't be "unbalanced.")

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Never heard of Monk (sad, isn't it?) I looked it up on Netflix and have season 1 in my queue. Looks funny! I love to laugh at other people's OC that I can temporarily forget my own!