Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pet Peeve

When it comes to movies I have a hard time swallowing gross inaccuracies. My husband just got The Bee movie from Netflix and it was just awful! All the plants withered up and died just because the bees stopped pollinating. Yeah right! The worst that would happed is that plants would not reproduce (never mind that not every plant in the world is pollinated by honey bees). They would be bad for us and our food chain, but the plants would not die because of that. Even worse was that they "saved" the world by using rose pollen to pollinate all the dying plants, because as we all know, roses are the universal pollinator.

Years ago there was a movie (that was also a cartoon) about cattle. Every time I saw the advertisement for it I wanted to throw a brick at the TV. Why? The main characters, which were male, had udders! Udders on a bull!!! I understand why they did not draw an anatomically correct bull, but come on people! My husband thought I was nuts for yelling at the tv, but I just could not help it. Udders on a bull!!!!

I think it is a good thing that we have stopped watching regular TV. It is better for my anger management. Now if I could just get my husband to be more discerning in his movie rentals I would be a happy woman.

What are some of your pet peeves?


chelle said...

bummer that the movie wasn't that good.
regular tv I do not miss.
Pet Peeve ... people that drive poorly :)

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Based on previews we had NO desire to see the Bee Movie. Glad we made that choice. :)

Although my ds did get a DS game based on the movie. Marketing at its finest!

Elizabeth-W said...

I had a friend who grew up in Baltimore, and had never been to the country. The first time she saw a bull (not a steer) she was really confused. Was that an udder?'s his, um...sack. It's funny what people don't know.

Tama said...

AMEN! I can't stand "over dramatized" propoganda movies!!! I have other pet peeves-like people who won't replace the toilet paper roll with a new one when they run it out, socks on the floor, people watching tv and relaxing while I work my *** off making dinner and doing dishes (this is a HUGE one!), etc.

Valerie said...

Thanks for the tip...I had been wanting to see that movie. My Pet Peeve, people who are late and people who are angry.

Posh Totty said...

Having just watched bee movie I am inclined to agree with you, the facts were highly over dramatised, but my lil man enjoyed it all the same, so not a total flop in my books.

Jaelithe said...


I too wanted to throw things at the screen whenever I saw previews for that movie about the apparently transsexual bovine.

I mean, seriously. How the heck are the next generation of kids going to FEED THEMSELVES if they don't even understand the basics about how flowers grow and where milk comes from? It is NOT OKAY to perpetrate gross inaccuracies just because it's a kids' movie, movie-making people.

(And yes, I know animals don't talk. But that's . . . different, somehow.)

Glad for the tip-off on the bee movie. Now I know to avoid it.

I thought Happy Feet was a good model as far as environmental advocacy films go. Of course penguins don't actually tap dance. But they do really find their mates by singing. And the father penguins really do care for the eggs while the mothers fish. So it had a lot of accurate information, actually.

Don Mills Diva said...

I find it hard to enjoy movies with gross inaccuracies as well. I hate the ones that have some women in the midst of a crisis looking like a supermodel - irritating...

Damselfly said...

What about that Nasonex commercial where the worker bee has a male voice? I thought all workers were females...?

My son has a Fisher Price piano that plays a song with the lyric "sunshine is yellow," and I always sing over it, "sunshine is WHITE."