Thursday, April 24, 2008

One of those days

When your toddler has a temper tantrum because you try a different diaper on him than normal you have to assume that things are just going to go down hill from there. I think that the high point of my day yesterday was that I thought up and planned ahead for dinner. I can't help but wonder why my kids think that putting toys into things that are not meant for toys is the height of amusement. I also have toys shoved behind every possible surface that one could shove a toy. I am seriously thinking about hiding all the toys after the move and only bring out one or two at a time. Thank heavens I only have four and a half more days until our trip.


chelle said...

I totally understand "those days"

As for toys .... my daughter has the oddest sense of organization!

GoofyJ said...

"Those Days" *sigh* I think I have more days like that than I care for ;-)

It is so tempting sometimes to do a toy cleansing.... but then I think of all things he would get into without the distraction of numerous toys. *shudder* heh

Diana said...

I worked at one preschool where toys were sorted into different categories and put into bins. Each Monday a new bin would be brought out, and the old one put away into storage.
Found that children often prefer to play with grown up things---pots and pans, dress up clothes, Dad's tools and guy stuff in the garage, etc.----especially anything in the grey area( not an absolute no no, parents rather they left it alone, but if Mom is on the phone she might let them hold it for awhile.

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Much sympathy. Look forward to having you out this way. Good luck and hope the move goes smoothly!

extraordinarymommy said...

Sounds like I am having the same kind of day as you! What would happen if most of the toys 'disappeared'...wonder if they would even notice. Probably not as much as I notice the toys that reappear just moments after I've finally put them away :)

Hope tomorrow is better!

PS....I tagged you b/c I like ya (even though you didn't know I'd been visiting!)

Gina said...

Mr. P used to put all this stuff behind our recliner, it was horrible.