Friday, April 04, 2008

First Aide

Every year as part of our preparation for Girl's Camp we would have first aide classes. I was always rather interested in the subject and was quick to figure out what was needed. I had one of my leaders even tell me that she hoped that I was around when something happened so that she would be well taken care of.

I never realized then what a positive impact all that practice would have on me in my life as a mother. I was reading Amanda's blog the night before last and the post hit home with me. I am sure that with out all that training I would have been overwhelmed with the challenges that my kids have presented me with. If I had not practiced this stuff until it became second nature then I am sure that it would be all too easy to freeze in a moment of panic.

With all this on my mind I ended up using my first aide training the very next day. Evan has a cold sore on his lip and he loves picking it (I am a picker too, so I am sure that is my genes showing through). This would not bug me so much if he was not on blood thinners. I just knew that if he got that big scab off his lip he would be bleeding up a storm. Evan knows he is not supposed to pick, so when he did he was very obviously challenging me. You should have seen the grin on his face as he ripped the scab off in one motion. The grin vanished when large drops of blood started dripping down his face.

He was soo mad when I had to keep pressure on his lip. Luckily he did stay still, even if he was mad about it. I did give him the option of sitting in the bath tub (I knew he was not going to bleed to death from his lip, but he would have made a horrible mess) rather than having me putting pressure on his lip. Once he heard the options he settled down and let me do my thing. It took a half hour of pressure to get that sucker to stop bleeding! I am sure that had I not had my first aide knowledge it could have been a lot worse. My calm helped keep Evan calm(ish) and it kept my floors a lot cleaner.

So, the lesson here is that you should try and take a refresher course in first aide if you are feeing rusty in your skills. If you have never taken a first aide course of any kind, you should!! You never know when it could come in handy. The life you may save could be some one you love.


Tama said...

I am thankful for my first aid training! Unfortunately most of mine came as "need to know". I was very accident prone and frequently sick as a child.

My husband is still amazed, after all these years of marriage, that I always know just what to do.

I could NEVER be a nurse, but for some reason taking care of my family's--usually mine--sickness and injuries comes second nature.

Guinevere Meadow said...

I feel very fortunate that I have not *yet* needed to use the first aid training I have received...but with a busy little toddler like I have, I'm sure I'll need to one of these days.

So far, I've pre-empted a number of possible needs for first the time his daddy gave him some coins to play with (duh!) the time I discovered that he was tall enough to reach the very sharp knife sitting on the counter (keep it in the block!) catching him before he fell and hit his head on the cement patio...very scary.

This reminds me to check and make sure my first aid kit is well stocked up. I think I may have ran out of band-aids...

Ginger said...

i think my last first aide training was when i was a bee-hive lets see maybe 12 yrs ago. holy crap i am old.

glad you were able to take care of your baby

chelle said...

eeps Glad he is ok.
I was on blood thinners and scrapped myself once ... it was bleeding like MAD!

Good for you for keeping calm. I am trained in first aid and crisis intervention and prevention ... it helps for sure.