Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April fool?

I was too sick to plan anything funny for yesterday, although something kinda funny did end up happening. I was tickling Harry at the top of our stairs and he kicked out accidentally kicking the rather rickety plant stand that we have up there. That knocked over our spider plant which fell on my head breaking the plastic pot. Harry got a small mouthful of dirt in the process which really annoyed the heck out of him, the expression on his face made it hard for me to not laugh at him. Of course he has no concept of swish and spit, so when I put him in the tub and tried to get him to rinse his mouth out he ended up just drinking the water and the dirt down.

Yesterday afternoon Evan lay down on top of me for a little cuddle time. He ended up falling asleep (which was kind of what I was hoping for so that I could also catch a few extra winks) and it reminded me so much of when he was a baby and would nap on me. I can't believe how much he has grown in four short years. It is strange to think that some day not too far in the future he will be bigger than me.


chelle said...

awww glad you are on the mend!

I only did one fool .. I called my husband and told him I was pregnant ... he forgot the date and totally fell for it! hehehe

The babies grow much much too fast for my taste!

Tama said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! I am still giggling over the plant incident!

My little (he is almost 12 and he keeps reminding me he is NOT little) boy used to love to sleep on me when he was a baby. (sigh) He was so sweet and cute. He may never get me to believe that he is a big boy!

Gina said...

The plant thing was too funny!

I was too crabby and tired to play any tricks on anyone.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Oh my! The pot broke on your head? I knew you were hard headed!!

I stole an ept picture off of *someone's* blog and told the world I was pregnant.

I'm NOT!


Nancy said...

I'm sorry, but that plant falling and dirt in mouth incident was pretty funny. Kids are hilarious!

The only stunt I pulled yesterday was to tease my hubby that I was going to give him a hug then put my arms down and said "April Fools!" Then of course I HAD to hug my April Fool. LOL

Just for the record, all 3 of my sons are now bigger than me.