Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin patch

We are a bit later than normal but we finally made our trek to one of the many wonderful pumpkin patches in the area (one perk of living in a semi rural area). Evan is starting to realize that something exciting will be happening soon although since I doubt that he remembers anything from last year he is not totally sure what will happen. I have told him all about trick or treating and he is excited about the candy. Harry is in love with pumpkins and calls them puh-kins. We have plastic pumpkins with handles on them that the boys fight over (even though we have two). They love to carry them around. Enjoy the pictures, they are a bit blurry because I forgot to clean the lens off after Evan stuck his finger on it while I was trying to get a video of him doing something cute.

Harry was quite impressed with the farm animals. He had never seen a cow so close up before. He kept trying to feed the animals the bits of muddy straw that were around the pens. When we went to the zoo on our vacation in Utah he was the most interested in lingering to look at the animals. I think he may have inherited my interest in animals.

A naughty passerby found a bale of hay and started tossing handfuls in to the horses pen (I am always reluctant to feed another person's animal willy nilly like that since I know too much about feeding farm animals to ruin their diet with my ignorance). I did not allow the boys to do that, but they did watch with great interest.

A small portion of the pumpkin patch. It was massive! The ad said that they had about 30 acres of pumpkins. I liked it a lot better than the one that we went to for the last few years. There was more stuff going on for the kids. Sadly the field was super muddy thanks to a couple days of rain. We had to scrub the sticky muddy clay off of our shoes when we got home.

Harry and his pumpkin. When going to a pumpkin patch I always try and steer the kids to the pumpkins that are actually grown in the patch. Sometimes they will ship them in which I feel is cheating. Evan is not in as many of the pictures this time around because he spent a lot of the time in the field whining to my husband. He didn't like having to walk in the mud at all.


Steph said...

Super cute! Looks like a fun day (except for having to clean the muddy shoes) :)

PJ said...

I love pumpkin patches! Too cute:)

Damselfly said...

Your pumpkin patch would beat up my pumpkin patch.